Kainji, Jebba GenCos Deliver 24 Hour Electricity to 7 Eligible Firms Under Eligible Customer Policy


Kainji and Jebba hydropower Generation Companies (GenCos), operated by Mainstream Energy Solutions Limited (MESL), have delivered an uninterrupted 24 hour electricity supply to seven firms labelled as ‘Eligible Customers’ with a cumulative 1,162.9 Megawatt  Hour (MWH) energy capacity.

A daily operational report for energy delivery obtained from the Independent System Operation (ISO) arm of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) shows that the uninterrupted supply was recorded last Friday, August 24, 2018.

The Managing Director of MESL, Engr. Lamu Audu, had earlier this month at the 29th monthly power sector meeting said his firm was reaping the fruits of the eligible customer policy initiated by the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola in May 2017.

In an exclusive searchlight on Monday, Daily Trust reports that two of the customers are on 132 kilovolt (KV) lines while the five others are on 33KV feeders.

Highest buyers of the energy from Mainstream were Xing 2 which procured 481.4MWH last Friday, followed by Xing 1, its sister firm, on the 33KV feeder, the record shows.

Asaka Cement received 173.7MWH of electricity transmitted through 132KV transmission line. Kam Integrated Ltd received 70MWH during the period via 33KV feeder.

The report also shows that Olam Flour Mills also got 36MWH on the same feeder voltage level; KAM Steel got 14.8MWH electricity on 132KV line, while Lordsmith got 7.10MWH via 33KV feeder during the full day period without interruption.

Mr Audu had said five customers are getting supply under the eligible customer regulation noting that, “A total of 76MW was contracted under the various PPAs and so far, full payments have been received for May and June invoices issued to the Eligible Customers.”

Fashola at the 29th monthly meeting had said those five firms are now taking “their power directly from a GenCo, who incidentally is our host today, Messrs Mainstream Energy Ltd,” as he announced that 26 other industrial customers are on track to benefit from the policy.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) unveiled the Regulation on November 1, 2017, about six months after Fashola made the declaration.

The regulation seeks to improve electricity supply directly to consumers who use at least 2MW of electricity by trading power directly from a GenCo either through TCN by signing off the Transmission Use of System (TUOS) and providing the transmission facilities or through the DisCos after agreeing to a Distribution Use of System (DUOS) pact.



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