Lagos takes Power Challenge head-on with Plan for 3000MW Embedded Power Plants

Akinwunmi Ambode

The Lagos State government has decided to tackle the challenges being encountered in the power sector by taking active steps towards the implementation of embedded power projects in strategic locations in the state. This is part of the plan to provide the residents of the state with 24 hour electricity. This intervention programme is meant to run within the next three to six years. There is already a draft bill, Lagos State Embedded Power Bill, which was finalised in May this year and had been submitted to NERC and meant for final approval by the State House of Assembly. What makes this Lagos Embedded Power Plan interesting and viable is the fact that it opts to address some of the core challenges bedeviling the bigger Nigeria Power Sector. Issues such as; government guarantee for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which provides for cost effective tariffs, metering, issues around generation fuel (gas) transmission & distribution, collection of bills & enforcement, electric power theft, etc.

Power Plants


This Lagos Power road-map & plan is a right decision in the direction towards getting the needed solution to the challenges being encountered in the Nigerian Power Sector. More players in both the public and private sectors are needed to invest more and come up with various initiatives in adding to the generation, transmission and distribution capacities in the sector. This must also be followed up with the necessary mechanisms, legal, financial commitment and otherwise, that will allow for the sustainable running of the sector.



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