Nigeria Loses 42,160.87MW in 2018

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There are indications  that Nigeria power sector may have lost over 42,160.87 Megawatts,MW, in 2018.

According to the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, the nation’s installed power generation capacity as at 2018 was estimated at 13,000MW, while available generation is said to be 7,500MW. But despite this figures, the country still recorded a downturn in generation during the year, amounting to an average of 3,867.13MW and totalling 46.405.56MW during the year, 2018.

A document obtained by Vanguard, showed that the country generated a total of 46,405.56MW while over 42,160.87MW was lost as stranded power in the year 2018.

According to the report, in January 2018, power generation averaged 3,733.01MW, while 3,956.03MW was lost. 4,001.33MW was said to have been generated, while 3,583.13MW was lost in February. As for March, 4,097.62MW was generated, while 3,208.77 was lost.  4,051.99MW was generated, while 3,432.89MW was lost in April, just as 3,848.04MW was generated, while 4,072.05MW was lost in May.

Also, in June about 3,653.54MW was generated and the loss figure remained 3,601.48MW); 3,681.17 was generated but loss figure was 3,601.48MW. In July; 3,701.24MW was generated, while 4,265.63 was lost. For August; 3,570.67MW generated, while 4,165.86MW was lost. In September; 3,810.74MW generated, while 3,880.63MW was lost.?

However, November generation saw an improved figure of 4,093.76MW and a loss of lost 3,144.37, while December recorded a generation of 4,162.47MW and loss of 1,045.10MW. Meanwhile, these losses and challenges in the power sector are often attributed to gas constraint and transmission challenges (power unavailability).

Authored By: Ediri Ejoh



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